Role of Support Coordinator

How can you Choose the Right Support Coordinator for you?

As we know, every nation has an organization working for people with disabilities so that they can live an independent life. People living with a disability in Australia can access a wide range of supports from the NDIS. National Disability Insurance Scheme(NDIS) provides the funded supports to people with disabilities so that they can achieve their desired goals and live an independent life like others.

Under the NDIS, the participants have more control over who will provide them with the support and access to those supports. NDIS provides support coordination services to the eligible participants so that the support coordinators can manage the services for the NDIS participants. Support coordination services are provided to those participants who need services from multiple providers. Support coordination helps the participants get the most out of the NDIS plan and helps you live your daily life independently.

Finding the right support coordinator is essential to get the bestNDIS support coordination services. The best support coordinators will take some time at the beginning of the plan to discuss how much they can help the participants to achieve from the funding provided. One of the primary role of support coordinator is to help the NDIS participants live everyday life and put their NDIS plan into action.

Here, we will begin discussing some of the role of support coordinator to understand them better.

So, let us see how a support coordinator can help you

  • Help the participants in understanding the NDIS plan and how they should use the plan to meet their goals

  • Help in managing the resources effectively to get the best outcome of the NDIS plan.

  • Work with other people in the participant’s circle, such as their friends, family, therapists, and doctors, to meet the goals.

  • Teach you to access your NDIS portal so that you can monitor the spending of your fund

  • They monitor the progress of your goals and helps you in achieving them.

  • It helps you prepare for your next NDIS planning meeting and plan reviews.

  • Connect you with the local places where you connect with other people socially and be active in the community

These are some of the role of support coordinator. Apart from these roles, a support coordinator also helps the participants improve their knowledge of NDIS, build their skills, make them confident, and help them grow their relationships with the other community members.

What are the benefits of having anNDIS support coordinator?

There are several benefits of support coordination provided by NDIS. A good support coordinator can help you put your NDIS funding to the proper use and ensure that the NDIS participants get the most out of their NDIS plan. The support coordinator helps them in making decisions regarding the NDIS Support services.

Having a trustworthy support coordinator will help the participants as they will take care of your fund and keep an eye on your budget.

How can you access funding for the support coordination from NDIS?

NDIS does not provide support coordination services to all the participants. It only provides it to the eligible for support coordination. However, due to the current pandemic, NDIS allows all its participants to access support coordination in their NDIS plan.

Let’s see how it works

  • Suppose you are already eligible for support coordination and included in your plan. In that case, you can use your NDIS core budget to access additional hours of this service if your capacity-building funding runs out.

  • If NDIS support coordination is not included in your plan, you can use your core budget to get this service.

Now, we will discuss three keys to select the support coordinator for your NDIS plan. Let’s begin!

Here are the three key points to focus on when while selecting the support coordinator-

  • Always put your needs first

    Be clear about your needs, always. Whether you need short-term or long-term support, be clear about it. It’s your NDIS plan, and this is the matter of your life; therefore, always partner with those who respect your decisions.

    NDIS support coordination service is there to help you build life skills and maintain your independence. Therefore, your support coordinators must guide and assist you in making decisions and respecting your independence. The NDIS support coordinator must put you and your needs first while helping you in achieving your NDIS goals.

  • There should be effective communication

    Effective communication is the keyto any service. Communicating effectively not only involves communicating with you but also with the NDIS and service providers on your behalf. The support coordinator must have effective communication skills so that she/he can inform the NDIS and service providers of the status of your plan and what changes are required to get the maximum benefits of NDIS plan.

  • The supports must be outcome-focused

    A good support coordinator will help the NDIS participants identify their goals and help them achieve them, and therefore, they must be outcome-focused and hardworking. They should alsowork for an NDIS support Coordination provider that supports the staff and clients. The support coordinators must prioritize the needs of the participants and help them achieve the very best outcomes.

These are the significant points to remember before choosing the support coordinators to help you with your NDIS plan.


As we know, there are several benefits of support coordination, and you must choose them smartly so that they can help you in achieving the goals with the NDIS funding provided to you. You can get in touch with Access Foundation, which is a Registered NDIS provider in West Australia. To know more about NDIS support coordination, and get the best NDIS Support services, reach out to us now.

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