eligible for support coordination

When do you become eligible for support coordination?

As we know, NDIS is like a boon for people with disability,and it provides many supports to people with disability. These supports help people with disability to live their lives independently and better than before.

Generally, NDIS provides two types of supports, Plan Management and Support Coordination. Most of the participants get support through plan management, but there are a few participants who require extra care.

A little bit of extra support is required to help them get the best of NDIS. For these people, support coordination is helpful. The NDIS includes support coordination in your NDIS plan, which enables you to find and connect to the NDIS Support Service Providers in Western Australia. But as we said, support coordination is not provided to everyone. You have to be eligible for support coordination.

Now, the question is, how does one become eligible for support coordination from NDIS?

In this blog, we will find the answers to who is eligible for support coordination.

To begin with, you simply must know that support coordination is designed primarily for helping you to connect with the service providers if you can’t do it on your own.

Support Coordination can help you get the most out of your NDIS plan. Some of the ways support coordination helps you are following-

  • Provide insights on your NDIS plan

    Once you get the NDIS plan, a support coordinator can help you by examining your plan and identify what kinds of supports you require to get the full Benefit of NDIS plan.

  • Connects you with the local service providers across Australia

    NDIS support coordinators help you find and connect with the local support service providers if you can’t do it on your own. Support coordinators will connect you with the right service providers,and you will get the services that you require effortlessly.

  • Offer advice and guidance

    As an expert of NDIS, support coordinator provides you with guidance on your NDIS plan and journey. If you have any questions or come across any issues, don’t stress out, your support coordinator will help you resolve them and answer all your queries.

So, we hope you are clear with the services that support coordinators provide to the people with disability. Support coordination covers a wide range of activities and services.

As we discussed earlier, every person with a disability isn’t eligible for support coordination.

Finally, let’s talk who are eligible for support coordination. So, let us begin!

  • Those participants who don’t have an informal support network such as friends and family to help them find and connect with a service provider. For such people with disability, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can allow funding a support coordinator for the support.

  • Those participants who are likely to gain a huge benefit from getting support from the NDIS support coordination.

  • Those participants who are new to NDIS and are receiving the plan for the first time. Such participants may require support coordinators to help them with their NDIS journey.

  • Those who are likely to develop the skills and confidence needed to navigate the NDIS independently. This is also called capacity building, and it is an integral part of NDIS support coordination.

The NDIS support coordination provider assesses each of the participantsbased on their case. The NDIS will look at your situation to decide whether you are eligible for the NDIS support coordination or not. Only after they examine your situation, you will be granted the support coordination.

Access Foundation is a Registered NDIS service provider in West Australia which provides NDIS support services to the people with disability. We try to help them by accessing them the funding they require.

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