Disability Services NDIS Assistance with Daily Life

We are providing high-quality, individualized support in your home and community. It includes bathing, dressing, meal preparation, medication assistance, and domestic support, including cleaning, gardening, shopping, and attending personal appointments.



Access Foundation comes with a broad range of flexible and high-quality disability services and support coordination for people living with a disability of their choice and needs, as well as carers across Perth, WA.

We offer customized daily living assistance considering your everyday needs, goals, and outcomes.

We provide one-on-one support daily in the home, community, school, work, business, health, or leisure.

We are the Disability Specialists

  • Our services are readily available.

  • We provide flexible services customized to your support needs.

  • We are pledged to maintain the highest standards of quality and safeguards. We actively promote and enforce the fundamental rights of people living with disability as equal citizens.

High-Quality Staff

  • Our staff is experienced, qualified, and highly trained.

  • Our recruitment process consists of interviews, national and international criminal background checks, and relevant work experiences.

  • We uphold sector quality certification and legislative requirements.

  • Our assistants are provided with the latest professional development, updated courses, and accredited training to ensure they meet the ongoing criteria while remaining at the top of their profession.

Strict yet Streamlined Strategies

  • We help you improve your body language and vocal tone by conducting mockups.

  • We help you improve your etiquette by showing empathy without any disrespect.

  • We will take you to social gatherings and perks to improve your social communication and activities.

  • Most importantly, we teach you to make eye contact and speak with confidence.

You’re in Total Control

  • Support is cost-effective and self-directed – totally in your control.

  • You will get complete access to choose from our versatile support staff to your unique needs based on qualifications, experience, physical location, languages spoken, and cultural requirements.

ICWA ( Insurance Commission of Western Australia)

After a serious motor vehicle accident, it’s good to know that a dedicated team of therapists, supported by funding and administration experts, is here to put you on the path to recovery. If you are receiving funding from the Insurance Commission of Western Australia (ICWA), Access Foundation is here to help you find what’s possible as you recover and adjust to a new environment.

Access Foundation

Transport to Access Daily Activities

Moving here and there is a fluid and ongoing process that gives people the freedom to complete their everyday tasks. But people with disabilities find it difficult to get transportation support and often encounter transport obstacles.

In contrast, Access Foundation - in the midst of all possibilities, has come forward with dedicated supporters to reduce the link between transport and people with disabilities by providing extended transport to access daily activities support.

Travel Training Availability

  • You can access our Travel Training at any time. Our staff is experienced with developing the independence required to ensure a person can safely and effectively travel around the community.

Self Transport Activity

  • Anytime a person with a disability needs to access any transportation activity, Access Foundation comes forward with relevant staff and vehicles to provide safe and effective transport.

Group Activity Transport

  • Transport for participants from home to the place of their choice may be available on a group or individual basis. Consult with us in advance to confirm whether we can provide this level of support and the cost impacts.

Shared Transport Arrangements with other participants

  • Often people choose to travel in the same pathways as others. Upon enriching Access Foundation for transport requirements, we may link you with another participant to share the companionship.