Transport to access daily activities

Your disability is no longer a barrier for you to hustle around! Enroll yourself into Access Foundations' transport to access daily activity service and roam freely in your areas without any hassle. Considering disabled people's transport obstacles, we have decided to help them sort out their transport access to perform daily activities with our extensive support. Both individual and group assessments are available for you to explore the beauty around you by traveling with Access Foundation!

Transport to Access Daily Activities

Access Foundation

Moving here and there is a fluid and ongoing process that gives people the freedom to complete their everyday tasks. But people with disabilities find it difficult to get transportation support and often encounter transport obstacles.

In contrast, Access Foundation - in the midst of all possibilities, has come forward with dedicated supporters to reduce the link between transport and disabled people by providing extended transport to access daily activities support.

Travel Training Availability

  • You can access our Travel Training at any time. Our staff is experienced with developing the independence required to ensure a person can safely and effectively travel around the community.

Self Transport Activity

  • Anytime a person with a disability needs to access any transportation activity, Access Foundation comes forward with relevant staff and vehicles to provide safe and effective transport.

Group Activity Transport

  • Transport for participants from home to the place of their choice may be available on a group or individual basis. Consult with us in advance to confirm whether we can provide this level of support and the cost impacts.

Shared Transport Arrangements with other participants

  • Often people choose to travel in the same pathways as others. Upon enriching Access Foundation for transport requirements, we may link you with another participant to share the companionship.