you set good ndis goals

How Should You Set Good NDIS Goals?

In any NDIS plan, the NDIS goals play the most crucial role. Goals are the foundation of all your supports, and these goals make everyone’s NDIS journey unique. Since goals are a significant part of your NDIS plan management, it’s essential to understand how they work so that you can get the supports you require and live a life you desire.

You might get confused about your NDIS plan and how to achieve them, don’t worry, we will help you out with it. Read this blog to know more and clear your doubts about how can you set reasonable NDIS goals for your betterment.

Let us first understand what NDIS goals are

Goals are those things that you want to achieve with support from NDIS and other supports and services. These goals help people with disability to become more independent, get a job, learn new skills and become more specialised.

These goals are included in your NDIS plan and are based on what you tell your plan coordinator during the plan meeting or plan review.

These goals should focus on the outcome rather than the services needed to achieve the result. Your NDIS funding must help you in some way to reach your NDIS gaols.

Your NDIS goals can be physical, social or independence based. They can be short-term, medium or long-term, as per your requirements. You can choose the time duration of the goals.

The easiest way to think about your goals is to think about what is most important to you. This will help you decide your goals without much confusion.

Your NDIS goals can help you with the following-

  • Finding a job

  • Improving relationships with people

  • Make your more independent

  • Helps you with money management

  • improved health and wellbeing

  • Help you learn new skills

  • enables you to improve your communication skills

These are some of the things that NDIS goals can help you with. These goals are essential for people with disability to live an independent and socially active life.

What makes a good NDIS goal?

Every participant’s goals are different and with your personal NDIS goals will depend on your situation, several characteristics make an excellent NDIS goal, let us see what they are-

  • Outcome focussed-
  • A good NDIS goal is the one which focuses on the outcome more than anything else. Think about what goals you want to achieve in your life with the NDIS support service instead of thinking about the support and assistanceyou require to achieve them.

  • The goal must be flexible-
  • Your NDIS goals must be flexible. The more general your goal is, the more flexible you can be with the way you use your funding. By keeping your goals focussed, you can get several NDIS support service for that goal.

  • Capacity building –
  • Good goals are those that help you build your capacity so that you become independent and do not rely on other people. This helps you in participating in the community and social activities and make you more social and self-sufficient.

  • personal goals –
  • The best NDIS goals are those which fulfils all your personal requirements. The best goals are those which enables you to achieve the things you want. So, a good NDIS goal must be able to help you achieve your personal goals.

These were some of the aspects that make a good NDIS goal. Every NDIS plan management must look for these things for the welfare of their NDIS participants.

Want to know more?

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