Mental Health Services

Access Foundation offers wide to offer a range of mental health services in WA to help individuals manage issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns.

Mental Health Services

Access Foundation will support you and help you to realize your goals during your journey with mental illness. We will support you through your lowest times and get you back on track with life. We provide mental health support services for people living across Perth and the surrounding areas. We have a tailored approach, specific to your needs and life stage. We want to help support you to continue participating in your work and community, to achieve a positive outcome.

Engaging with one of our Psychosocial Recovery Coach team members is a relationship based on trust between you and your Recovery Coach, as well as your family and friends. Our Recovery Coaches work with you and your support team to improve your decision-making process and management of complex challenges presented in your daily life.

As recognized specialists in mental health and psychosocial disability, Access foundation offers many years of experience through our qualified health, mental health, and disability workers. We will assist you to get where you want to be, realize your goals, and make the most out of your NDIS plan or participants with psychosocial support.


  • Assist participants to connect positively with family and friends.

  • Help the participant to understand and effectively use NDIS and other services and resources.

  • Help you access to support from mental health services.

  • Coach to build on strengths, knowledge, skills, resilience, and decision-making.

  • Link participants with mental health, health, and other services particularly when they are unwell.

  • Help the participant to understand their human rights and supporting them to build up their capacity for self-advocacy.