Social and recreational activities create adventure, relaxation, fun, health, and well-being. We are committed to providing diverse recreational experiences that encourage you to perform active lifestyles. Stay pro-active while enjoying life to the fullest!



Access Foundation can support you to participate in any recreational pursuits you enjoy. We maintain the highest standard in helping people of all ages and disabilities and believe that anything is achievable.

Below are listed some of our most popular recreational activities for your consideration. However, if you prefer to enjoy the action on your own, we can assist with that. We are here to support you achieve your goal.

Our Points of Difference

  • We are disability support experts, having almost 30 years of experience helping people living with disability from ground level.

  • We provide flexible services customized to your support needs.

  • The staff has extensive experience in supporting people with high and complex needs.

  • We sustain the highest standards of quality and safeguards. We actively promote and enforce the fundamental rights of people living with disability as equal citizens.

Surfing, water skiing, snow skiing, abseiling, bowling, tennis, fishing, golf, sailing, scuba diving, kayaking or camping.

Enjoy visual, musical or performance arts; join a class and access training to assist you to build your range of techniques across various art forms.

Learn more about recreation at Access Foundation.

A trip to the theatre or movies, enjoying a gallery, museum or art show, or visiting markets.

Gym sessions, fitness classes, team sports, swimming classes, or training for your fitness goal.

A day at the footy, the ballet, going for a live band, a festival, or maybe just a night out with friends.

Meditation, yoga, music, a health spa, or a day at the wineries.

We can support your holiday plans – from a weekend away to a few months travelling. We can do everything from planning your travel, accommodation and supports, insurances and itinerary, to assisting you on the trip.

Whether it’s for parents and children to share a day activity, or for a family to take a trip away together, we can support your family to make it happen.

Access Foundation can assist you with anything recreationally focused. Simply tell us what you’re interested in and we will support you to make it happen.