our team

Our Team

Access Foundation is filled with motivated and enthusiastic staff from diverse backgrounds who have previous experience in the disability sector. Our staff has extensive experience working with people living with disabilities.

The extensive industry experience attained by our team members allows for members of staff who understand the disability sector and ways in which to support clients and continue to grow as staff members as well as first hand support providers to our participants.

Our staff have provided individual support and have implemented and carried out support plans that have aided participants goals.

Our team has a focal point on person centred care which reiterates the individuality amongst our participants and allows for care plans to be tailor made for participants.  In doing so, our team constantly advocates for participants independence and works to help integrate people living with disabilities into the community.

Our team members are determined to provide the best care possible to our wide range participants and in doing so continue to follow sector guidelines and do so in an ethical manner.
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