Hydrotherapy Pool And Rehab Gym

Stay injury-free and regain your core strength with our Hydrotherapy pool and rehabilitation gym service. Our Hydro therapists will assist in improving your strength, fitness, and mobility in a comfortable, safe and cheerful environment. You can sign in to individual or group sessions appropriate to your requirements.

Access Foundation

Rehab GYM

Our Rehab GYM is equipped with multiple machines and equipment including electric parallel walking bars, treadmills with a gait training hoist, fluid arm ergometer, active passive assisted trainer and training stairs with hand rails. These pieces of equipment are safe and effective for managing and rehabilitating multiple conditions including spinal cord injuries, gait re-training, stroke, progressive neurological disorders plus many other musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. The gym also holds a Pilates reformer machine, free weights and a variety of fun and interactive therapy equipment to assist in fine and gross motor skills.

The gym is easily wheelchair accessible with a large floor space to move around and transfer comfortably. Our therapy staff provide evidence-based exercise programs for a wide range of people living with intellectual and physical abilities.

Our strength equipment includes a variety of free weights, Pilates reformer, and pulley machines. We use balance mats, unstable surfaces, and interactive games for balance, coordination, and fine and gross motor skills.

Our Hoist of Rehab Equipment Include

  • Extra-wide plinths with adjustable height

  • Fluid arm ergometer – wheelchair accessible and height adjustable

  • Treadmill – hoist accessible

  • Large therapy chairs

  • Parallel bars – height adjustable

  • Automatic arm and leg cycle

  • Hoist/walker

  • Pilates Reformer

  • Tens machine

  • Hemodynamic assessment

  • Railed step trainer

Hydrotherapy for the NDIS

Our hydrotherapy area has a 15m, 1.2.m deep, 34-degree heated pool fitted with a ramp for wheelchair access. Hydrotherapy uses water to treat a wide variety of conditions, most beneficial for people on the NDIS. These conditions may vary and are not limited to: Multiple Sclerosis, Post-Stroke, Muscular Dystrophy, Traumatic Brain Injury, Parkinson’s Disease, and Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Pool exercises aim to increase muscle strength and improve mobility and flexibility. Our programs are individually tailored, focusing on the client’s goals and identified problem areas.

Access Foundation

Hydrotherapy, or you can say Water Therapy, is used to treat a wide variety of physical disability and injury conditions, most beneficial for people on the NDIS. It comes under the NDIS Improved Health and Wellbeing category, where the NDIS funds all therapy expenses.

Access Foundation also conducts NDIS Hydrotherapy sessions to ensure sheer coordination of participants with experience physiotherapists for a result-oriented pool and rehabilitation sessions. All our Hydrotherapy sessions come under the NDIS funding category precisely.

If Your NDIS Goals Surge Around Any of The Following, We Can Help You

  • Moving more independently

  • Becoming stronger

  • Improving balance or coordination

  • Being more active in the community

  • Participating in community-based exercise or sports such as team sports, school sport, or gym activities.

  • Improve fitness or endurance

  • Manage or overcome pain

Our Hydrotherapy Pool is Equipped With

  • Aquatic wheelchair

  • Aquatic hoist for water entry

  • Sauna

  • Massaging neck and back aqua jets

  • Ramp entry into the pool

Access Foundation

NDIS Group Fitness Classes

Our small group classes are welcome to anyone in the community and encourage involvement from all ages, abilities, and fitness levels. Run by our Exercise Physiologists to provide the best care and appropriate exercise prescription modified to your individual needs. We thrive on creating a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels safe to work towards their health and fitness goals.

Our circuit classes include a variety of exercises to improve your strength, mobility, cardiovascular fitness, and balance while reducing the risk of age-related diseases.

Seated Exercise Class

Come in, take a seat, and our exercise physiologist will guide you through a series of stretching and strengthening exercises. This class is appropriate for both wheelchair and ambulatory participants. You will be provided with an exercise option to suit your individual needs.

Strength Circuit

The strength class will include a full-body workout using a range of equipment and bodyweight exercises. Strength training is excellent for bone health, promoting healthy metabolism, and maintaining muscle mass to continue doing the things you love. Your Exercise Physiologist will ensure you are working at a level suitable to your capabilities.

Heart Health Circuit

They are promoting a healthy heart, lungs, and metabolism through cardio exercise. A sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition can lead to several cardiac and metabolic health concerns. This class is designed to increase your exercise endurance and promote a healthy cardiorespiratory system to protect you against these lifestyle diseases.

Falls Prevention and Balance Exercise

We are using a collaboration of balance, coordination, and reaction exercises to help keep you on your feet and injury-free. We will help make balance training fun while improving your confidence to continue doing the things you love without the fear of slips, trips, and falls.