NDIS Plan Management Specialist Perth, WA

If you are an NDIS participant and choose to be plan-managed, a plan manager is funded in your plan.
An NDIS plan management specialist will help you manage your NDIS plan and help you achieve the goals correctly.
They claim directly from the budget in your plan and pay the providers on your behalf.

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What is NDIS Plan Management?

NDIS plan managers work with the NDIS participants to maximize the benefits of their NDIS plan to achieve their NDIS goals without any hurdle and live their best life. The Plan management provider handles many tasks on behalf of the participants to focus on other things and leave the funding-related worries to the plan managers.

Plan management is a great way to stay on track while managing the NDIS plan and NDIS funding. Choosing the right plan managers will get more efficient and excellent NDIS services and achieve goals with much ease.

Access Foundation

Role of NDIS Plan Manager

NDIS plan management providers keep an eye on the NDIS participant’s budget and analyses the funding properly. NDIS plan mangers offer financial support.NDIS plan mangers help the NDIS participants achieve their NDIS goals by handling their NDIS funding and dealing with the providers, managing the budget, and paying the invoices on behalf of the participants, lodging your NDIS claims under correct categories.

  • Process the payments

  • Handle the finances

  • Freedom to the NDIS participants

  • Invoice processing

  • Budget management

Why Choose Access Foundation?

Access Foundation is a Registered NDIS provider in Australia providing quality NDIS plan management services to people with disabilities living in Perth metro and western Australis. Access Foundation plan managers focus on delivering the best plan management support services and help the NDIS participants in living a confident life. When you choose us, we will dedicatedly work to improve your life with the support we provide.

People with a disability require extra support to live independently in society, Our NDIS plan mangers make sure to provide them the necessary supports that will help them improve their life and make them more active socially. Access Foundation has helped many people till now and continue to help them with their full potential. We are registered NDIS providers and therefore, you can trust us for the best

  • skilled-ndis-provider
    Skilled NDIS Providers

    Our NDIS Plan managers are skilled with years of experience in providing quality NDIS support and plan management services to people with disabilities. We help the participants achieve their goals and live their best life.

  • Expert-ndis-advice
    Expert NDIS Advice

    Our NDIS Plan managers offer expert NDIS services and supports and, therefore, have complete knowledge of how NDIS works. Plan managers offer the best NDIS advice and prepare the participants for a better future.

  • Easy-To-Use-Portal
    Easy-To-Use Portal

    We have an easy-to-use portal which means you will get the most seamless plan management services when you hire registered NDIS plan managers from us. Our easy-to-use services will not help you achieve your goals effortlessly.

  • Trusted-NDIS-Partner
    Trusted NDIS Partner

    We are a trusted NDIS partner and have helped many people with disabilities till now. Our Plan managers help people to achieve their goals to live a better and more social life. We help them become independent and don’t let their disability become a hindrance to their growth.

Access Foundation

What Do We Offer?

Access Foundation offers excellent NDIS plan management services to people with disabilities. We help the NDIS participants get the most out of their NDIS plan and use the NDIS funding to fulfill their goals. Our NDIS plan managers make them ready and confident to live an everyday life full of comfort and independence.

  • Paying the NDIS providers for the supports they offer

  • Help to keep track of NDIS funds

  • Take care of the participants’ financial reporting

  • Help the participants in choosing NDIS providers.

Guide to paying your invoice faster!

Here's a brief to help you pay your invoices quickly and efficiently!

Invoice Template

Draft your invoice with our easy-to-navigate Access Foundation template.

Becoming Plan Managed & Support Coordination with Access Foundation is simple!

Just complete the form below, and we can get started.

Must have info on the invoice!

To ensure fast processing of payments, make sure to include the following information on your invoice:

  • Unique invoice number

  • ABN of the Provider

  • Bank details of the Provider (including BSB and account number)

  • Contact information of the Provider (email address, street address, and phone number)

  • Participant Name

  • NDIS number of the Participant(s)

  • Date(s) of service(s) provided

  • A detailed description of each service provided, including the line item number
    (split by weekdays, Saturday, and Sunday, as required). Also, the quantity of support/hours delivered in each session.

  • The rate charged Hourly

Where to send your invoices?

Send all invoices to:


Our process for invoice payments and reimbursements is straightforward. Here are the steps:

Step 1

We receive a claim (e.g., an invoice or reimbursement request) from a provider or an NDIS participant.

Step 2

We thoroughly review it to ensure that it meets the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) standard and is following the client's NDIS plan.

Step 3

After ensuring the claim meets the requirements, we send it to the NDIA for approval .

Step 4

Once approved, the NDIA transfers the funds to Access Foundation, which pays the provider or reimburses the client.

Service Agreements!

Service agreements are crucial for managing NDIS budgets and ensuring providers receive payment.
It also helps with allocating funds to participants and supporting clients effectively.

Visit the NDIS website to understand the following:

Importance of service agreements

You may also check out Access Foundation's Service Agreement Template
For help with invoicing or any other questions, contact us at ph: (08) 6243 9569 ,0405 158 234 or email us at info@accessfoundation.com.au

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Access Foundation is working dedicatedly as NDIS plan management in Western Australia to help people with disabilities live a confident life. We have helped many people to become confident so that their disability doesn’t stop them for living a great life.

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How Does Access Foundation Work?

Managing your NDIS funding will be simple with Access Foundation. Access Foundation helps the NDIS participants get the most out of their NDIS plan with excellent NIDS plan management services. With us, you don’t have to worry about the complexities and technical side of the plan because we will manage everything smoothly. We work for the welfare of people with disabilities and therefore make sure to offer smooth and easy-to-use services.

Benefits of Using Plan Manager

Hiring a plan manager is going to change the way you will achieve your NDIS goals. It will be much easier to focus on your goals once you hire skilled plan managers because they will handle everything on your behalf.

They will make payments, prepare reports, manage funds, and control the spending on your behalf. A few more things a plan manager can help you with are

  • Plan managers increase the plan management skills

  • It gives freedom to the participants by taking care of the finance

  • Help the NDIS participants with NDIS budget and NDIS plan budget reports

  • Prevent overspending of the NDIS budget