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NDIS Support Coordination

If you are an NDIS participant and choose to be plan-managed, you might receive NDIS Support coordination based on your
individual goals, plan objectives, and aspirations. Support coordinators focus on coordinating your network of supports,
planning for your future needs, and support you with anything unexpected along the way.

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What is NDIS Specialist Support Coordination?

NDIS support coordination is the support NDIS provides to the participants to build their ability to connect with the informal, community-funded supports enabling them to get the most out of their NDIS plan and fulfill their goals with ease.

In NDIS support coordination, the support coordinators will assist the NDIS participants in building their skills and making them confident enough to live an independent life. A support coordinator will work with people with disabilities to increase their capacity to maintain relationships, manage service delivery tasks and live more socially with others.

Role of NDIS Support Coordinator

Access Foundation

An NDIS support coordinator helps the NDIS participants implement the funded supports in their plan and help the participants actively participate in the community and build friendly relations with others. A support coordinator will also connect the NDIS participants with NDIS service providers. They also help the NDIS participants optimize their NDIS plan and make sure that the participants are getting the most benefit out of their NDIS plan.

  • Assist you in negotiating with the providers

  • Manage service arguments and bookings

  • Build the ability to exercise choice and control

  • Help to access the local community

  • Help in optimizing your NDIS plan

Why Choose Access Foundation

Access Foundation is a renowned name in providing excellent NDIS specialist support coordination. It is a registered NDIS service provider in Australia, providing quality services to NDIS participants for years. We understand the needs of people with disabilities and make sure to help them with the best services. When you choose us, we will dedicatedly work to improve the life of people with disabilities with the support we provide.

Access foundation has been offering the most dedicated NDIS services, and therefore, people trust our NDIS support coordination providers for their NDIS coordination. As we are registered NDIS service providers, you can trust us for the best NDIS services with utmost dedication. We have helped many people with disabilities in the past, and we make sure to help build their social skills and make them independent to live a comfortable life despite their disability. To get the most dedicated support services, Access Foundation is here to help you.

  • Expert Advice

    We are experts in offering great NDIS support coordination services to NDIS participants, and we have been working for people with disabilities for years now. Our years of service have gained immense knowledge in offering the best NDIS advice and preparing the NDIS participants to achieve their goals smartly.

  • Skilled Support Coordinators NDIS

    Our NDIS support coordinators are skilled and offer the most efficient and seamless support coordination services to people with disabilities. Our support coordinators help people with disabilities with great disability support coordination to help them live an extraordinary life irrespective of their disability.

  • Easy to Use Portal

    We have an easy-to-use portal at Access Foundation, which enables the NDIS participants to get the most effortless support coordination services from our end. When you hire our NDIS support coordination providers, our easy-to-use services will help the participants achieve what they are looking for seamlessly.

  • Trusted NDIS Partners

    We are known for being trusted NDIS support coordination providers in Australia as we have helped many people to live comfortable and independent life. We believe that a disability shouldn’t stop someone from living their life, and we assist the NDIS participants in living a great life irrespective of their disability.

How Do We help You?

Access Foundation

Access Foundation offers excellent NDIS disability support coordination services to those approved for support coordination from NDIS. We help the NDIS participants get the best support for their NDIS plan and benefit from NDIS services and funded supports. We make people with disabilities ready to live their lives to the fullest and not let their disability become a hurdle. Our NDIS support coordinator helps the participants with the following

  • Help them to use their NDIS plan smartly

  • Manage resources to make the most of the plan

  • Work with friends & family to meet the unique needs

  • Monitor the progress of the NDIS goals.

  • Access the NDIS portal to allocate your funds

Find an NDIS Support Coordinator Near You

Western Australia

Access Foundation is working for years to provide dedicated NDIS support coordination services to people with disabilities in Western Australia.

  • 37 Mirrabooka Avenue, Westminster, WA 6061

  • 131 Malibu Rd, Safety Bay, WA 6169

  • 2440 Albany Highway, Gosnells, WA 6110

  • 2 Clover Square, Girrawheen, WA 6064

  • 4 Trinity Way Clarkson WA 6030

  • [email protected]

  • (08) 6243 9569 , 0405 158 234

How Does Access Foundation Work?

Access Foundation is known for its easy and seamless Support coordination services, which satisfy the needs of people with disabilities. Support coordinators from the access Foundation help the NDIS participants with their goals by getting the most out of their NDIS funding. With us, you don’t have to worry about the complexities of the plan because our support coordinators manage everything effortlessly.

  • Join the NDIS

    The first and foremost step is to join the NDIS because that’s how your journey will begin. Once the NDIS approves your plan, you can ask them to include support coordination in your plan.

  • Talk with our Support Coordinators

    Once NDIS adds support coordination services to your plan, you can reach out to our support coordinators and discuss your NDIS plan with us. Our support coordinators will try their best to provide the best support to help you achieve your goals at best.

  • Let us Manage Everything & Relax

    Once you choose our services, you can leave all your funding-related worries to us and relax. Leave all your worries to us, and we will help you support you throughout your NDIS journey and help you achieve your goals.

What are the Benefits of Using Support Coordination Services

Hiring a support coordinator from Access Foundation will make your entire NDIS journey seamless. Our support services will be easier for you to focus on your goals without worrying about other funding-related things. Our support coordinators will manage everything on your behalf.

Our support coordinators will coordinate with you and make sure that the plan is on the right track. Here is how we can help the NDIS participants

  • Help the participants pursue their NDIS goals

  • Connect them with their caregivers such as therapists and doctors

  • Offer specialist support coordination for those whose situations are more complex

  • Help them build the skills they require for a confident life

  • Help them to maintain relationships socially

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can still get support coordination services if you are self-managed because being self-managed or NDIA managed doesn’t affect NDIS support coordination. NDIS adds support coordination in your plan based on what is reasonable and necessary.

You will have full control over your plan because we only manage your plan on your behalf and make sure that the funding is on the right track. However, we do not control your NDIS funding.

Yes, as we said, you are in control of your plan; you have the freedom to and control over who your support providers are. If you are not happy with the support, you can discuss it with us, and we will review your service agreement and proceed accordingly.

Yes, we are registered NDIS support service providers, and therefore, we offer top-notch NDIS support services to people with disabilities.