NDIS Quality, Safety and You

NDIS Quality, Safety and You- All That You Need to Know.

NDIS is like a boon for people with disabilities in Australia. It has helped many disabled people throughout the years live confidently and independently and continues to help thousands of people every year. People having specific disabilities require special supports to live their lives and become more social.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme(NDIS) would provide $22 billion in funding a year to an estimated 500,000 Australians with permanent or temporary disability.

The NDIS has been providing services to the people by providing funding to fulfil their goals. NDIS provides the people with disability with connections and information to services in their communities such as support groups, doctors, sporting clubs, libraries and schools, and information about what kind of support is provided by the states.

There are several important things one needs to know about NDIS and its working. NDIS has eligibility criteria, and every participant has to undergo a process to receive NDIS funding. People with disabilities can get in touch with NDIS to live an independent life. To know how you can receive the NDIS funding, make sure to contact an NDIS provider.

You need to meet the following criteria to be eligible for NDIS funding

  • Is your age between 7 and 65?

  • Are you a citizen of Australia and has Australian permanent residency or citizenship?

  • Do you require support for permanent and significant disability?

  • Do you use any special equipment due to a permanent or significant disability?

  • What kind of supports do you need now for a better future?

These are some of the factors based on which an NDIS participant becomes eligible for the funding. Once you meet these requirements of NDIS, you will be approved by NDIS. Once your plan is approved and developed, the next step is to find an NDIS provider to help you with your funding and fulfilling your NDIS goals. The NDIS participants have the freedom to choose registered or non-registered NDIS service providers.

The NDIS has recently had many health and mental health services changes to make it even easier for the people to access the funding they require. NDIS gives the participants more choice and control over their support services.

Here are some Crucial Things you should know about NDIS to Understand this Scheme Better.

  • 1. It Covers Mental Health Conditions

    NDIS doesn't just cover the physical disabilities but mental health conditions as well. On NDIS, you can access a range of support services to meet your daily needs and build your life skills. With the help of the support for mental health provided by NDIS, you can participate in the community and live independently.

  • 2. Your Plan, Your Goals

    When NDIS provides you funding to meet your goals, you will have input into your NDIS plan. You should consider your goals and must be clear about what you want to achieve. When you are clear about your goals, everything will work out smoothly.

  • 3. Know About Service Agreements

    Service agreements are different from your NDIS plan. An NDIS plan has your support, and the service agreements outline how these supports will be delivered to the participants.

  • 4. NDIS is Always There to Assist the NDIS Participants

    Once you become an NDIS participant, it becomes the responsibility of NDIS to assist the participants in testing the eligibility and developing an NDIS plan. NDIS providers having the right experience will help the participants achieve the NDIS goals and live an independent life.

  • 5. Different Funding Categories

    The NDIS plan is divided into three main categories- core, capital and capacity building. The core funding is for daily life supports, and this funding is quite flexible. Capital funding is for the equipment, and this funding is rigid. It helps the participants with assistive technology. The capacity funding is used to develop the participants' life skills such as improving their living conditions, helping them find a job, and learning new skills.

These were a few things to know about NDIS to understand it better. There are thousands of people across Australia, taking benefit of NDIS and services. There are several benefits of NDI that make it very helpful for people with disabilities to live confidently and socialize with others like everyone else.

If you live in Australia and have any physical or mental disability, you might contact NDIS and get the funding and support you are looking for.


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