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How to qualify for NDIS funding?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) allows people with a disability access to funding for necessary supports they require to live a comfortable and independent life. NDIS funding is given to the participants or their family members/guardian. The participants can use this funding for various purposes.

NDIS funding provides people with disabilities with supports and services in their communities, such as doctors, sports clubs, support groups, libraries, and schools. These supports and services are provided to them to make them active in society so that they can live an independent life.

NDIS has bought positive changes to the lives of many people with disabilities until now. The fund accessed to them has helped in shaping their lives and made them independent and social.

Let us first see how NDIS works

NDIS is managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency(NDIA), which provides funding to eligible participants having disabilities. Here are the steps for how NDIS works-

  • First, the participants will be asked a few questions using the eligibility checklist to answer some simple questions to assess your eligibility for NDIS funding.

  • If the participants meet the eligibility criteria, you can become a participant by completing an Access Request form

  • Then you will receive an “access decision” letter from the NDIA

  • Now you can create your NDIS plan

  • Finally, use your NDIS plan to achieve your goals

Now, the main question comes, and that is how to qualify for the NDIS funding. We will tell you how!

The basic criteria for the individuals accessing the fund are-

  • The funding can be accessed by people aged under 65

  • The participants should be Australian citizens and permanent visa holders

  • The participants should meet the disability criteria as per the requirements determined by NDIA.

To maximize your chances of a successful NDIS application, the participants must answer all the questions on the Access Request Form confidently and adequately.

You must also provide adequate evidence of disability to maximize your chances of getting the NDIS funding that you require. The NDIA will seek information about the person’s disability that includes the following questions-

  • What is the person’s disability?

  • Is their disability permanent?

  • What is the impact of their condition?

  • What is the impact of the disability on different areas of their life?

  • What treatments is the person receiving currently?

  • What are the future treatment options and expected outcomes of those treatments?

After providing the evidence, your complete access request, including the supporting documents, will be assessed by NDIA, and once your access request is approved, you will be able to create your NDIS plan as per your requirements.

If you are not eligible for the NDIS supports , you may qualify for other types of supports. If your access request is denied, you can also apply for a new access request after three months.

What are the disability requirements that make a person eligible for the NDIS supports?

Some disability requirements make a person eligible for the NDIS supports. If the participant fulfills these requirements, the NDIS supports will be provided to him/her.

Under the disability stream, the following is asked-

  • if the disability is or likely to be permanent

  • If the person will require the NDIS support for the lifetime

  • Does the disability affect the person’s capacity for social-economic participation?

How can Access Foundation help?

Access Foundation is a registered NDIS service provider in West Australia working for providing supports to the participants. We are dedicated to offering high-quality support services to our valued clients and people with disabilities who require NDIS supports to fulfill their goals.

We help the people with disabilities of West Australia in providing the NDIS funds and help them with their NDIS plan management. . We also assist them with their application process, provide end-to-end guidance for the planning, and help them live a comfortable life by achieving their goals.

If you are confused about qualifying for the NDIS and eligibility for the NDIS funding, we can help you with that. We believe in uplifting people with disabilities and help them live normally and comfortably like others.

Get in touch with Access Foundation if you want to talk about anything. We will guide you further.