What are the available supports for people with disability

What Are The Available Supports For People With Disability?

As we know, people with disability need certain supports to live an independent life on their own. The disabilities can be of various types, but all of them require the supports which make them socially active and independent.

There are around 4.3 million Australians who have a disability, and this number is growing as the increasing population.

Many Australians with disability need supports to improve accessibility and social participation in society. This can be achieved by addressing the daily barriers faced by people with disability and ensuring the supports they require.

Social supports refer to the government-funded support provided by disability services and caregivers.

Let us know about NDIS in brief

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme, which is an Australian Government Initiative that supports eligible people with a long-term, physical, sensory, cognitive and psychological disability.

NDIS provides funds for the supports that people with disability require. The principal objective of NDIS is to help people with disability get the required supports to improve their skills and independence.

NDIS is introduced across all the Australian states and territories. There are many support service provider companies registered with NDIS, which provides the NDIS Support Services to the participants.

There are numerous supports provided by the Australian government for the welfare of people with disability. Multiple organisationsoffer supports nationally and in your state or territory in different categories.

Now, let us see what these supports are and how they help the people with disability

Financial supports

The Australian government has developed supports to help the participants and their carers. These services include-

  • Disability Support pension

    The disability support pension provides financial help if the participant has a permanent physical or psychiatric condition.

    To be eligible for access NDIS service, if you satisfy the following criteria-

    • Your condition must be diagnosed

    • your condition must last more than two years

    • your condition prevents you from working for 15 hours a week

    You must satisfy these eligibility criteria to get access tothe disability support pension.

  • Specialist disability services

    TSpecialist disability services help people with disability participate in all aspects of life actively.

    The specialist disability services include-

    • Assistive technology like wheelchairs, hearing aids and voice-recognition computer software

    • case management services

    • Life skills development

    • Early childhood intervention services

    • Support to participate in community activities

  • Disability Employment Services

    A disability employment services (DES) provider helps people with disability find and maintain employment. This supports people with disability and their employers to introduce each other.

    Participating in this service will involve regularly meeting with a trained employment consultantly to help the participants to learn the skills required to find the work.

    To be eligible for this service, the following is the criteria-

    • Have a diagnosed disability, injury or illness

    • can work for atleast eight hours per week

    • You have to be an Australian citizen

    To receive help in finding employment, you can access the DES program if you fit the above criteria. If you are eligible, you can get the benefit of disability Employment services.

  • Mental Health supports

    For the people suffering from some mental disability, there are various supports available such as institutions which provide tailored and holistic mental health supports to the people between the age of 15 to 25.

    This service can benefit people having a mental illness. There are many institutions that treat the mental illness of the Australian people with disability. If the participants are eligible, they will get access to these services.

These are some of the supports for people with disability that help them in living a healthy and independent life. These supports will help Australians to a great extent.

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