Employment Goals

How Do NDIS Help in Supporting Your Employment Goals?

For many NDIS participants around the globe, finding and maintaining a job is one of the most challenging goals. A lot of families and providers are not aware and confused about the role NDIS will play in improving employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

There is a great scope to increase employment for people with disabilities with the help of NDIS. NDIS can provide funding to help disabled people find the right job for themselves.

What is the different employment supports available?

Basically, there are two main employment supports available for people with disabilities. One of them is the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Disability Employment Service (DES).

DES is an Australian government initiative which provides tailored employment opportunities to deserving people with disability. Whether you are looking for a part-time job or want to overcome a barrier to employment, DES is going to help with whatever support you need.

Unlike NDIS, which provides multiple supports, DES offers only a specific service by helping the disabled Australian people to find work.

There are two parts of Disability Employment Services-

  • Disability Management Services (DMS)

    This helps job seekers with a disability find a job. This helps those who occasionally need ongoing support to retain a job.

  • Employment Support Services (ESS)

    They help those people who have a permanent disability to find a job and provide them regularly, ongoing support in their workplace.

How can NDIS help you in finding a job?

Having a job is a great way to be independent, grow your social network, and feel confident within yourself. With the help of NDIS, you can access the funding you require to help you achieve your employment goals. The Australian government provides this support to all the disabled people for their betterment.

The NDIS funding is usually considered under the Capacity Building Support ‘finding and keeping a job’. Apart from this, ‘Increased Social and Community Participation’ is another category that helps in targeting social skills and independence of disabled people.

Here are some of the things that NDIS fund include-

  • It provides funds to overcome the barriers of employment.

  • Provides counseling to successful engagement in employment.

  • Workplace assessment

  • Provides support during an interview.

You will need to discuss your employment goals to receive this funding support successfully. You need to be transparent about your goals to the NDIS service provider to easily get access to the NDIS support.

Your NDIS service providers can ask you the following questions when you discuss your goals with them-

  • Do you have skills, qualifications, or work experience?

  • Have you done any courses?

  • What is your level of education?

  • What are the areas that interest you?

  • Do you have any hobbies?

You must understand that finding the right job for you will take time, especially when you are a fresher. You can participate in volunteer work, which is a great opportunity to gain more insight into finding the right job for you.

Will the NDIS continue funding support during employment?

Yes, NDIS can also provide funding and support even after you have found work, but only if they consider it to be reasonable.

Here are some of the workplace supports that NDIS provides-

  • Personal supports at work, such as a support assistant

  • Transportation services for work.

  • Training to help you manage the job well.

  • Employment-related counseling

How can a plan manager help?

Having a plan manager allows you to get access to both registered and unregistered support providers. If you choose to be plan managed, a plan manager is funded in your plan. With this, you will have support options such as private recruitment specialists, employment mentors, and work coaches.

Access Foundation

Access Foundation is an organization that works towards providing support to people with disabilities in west Australia. It is a Registered Disability Service Provider, Perth.

We believes that every individual has the right to live as equals in society, and therefore, they are keen to provide support services to the disabled and make their lives simple as well as independent.

Access Foundation is supporting thousands of people in West Australia by bringing their NDIS plan to life.

You can get in touch with us or visit Access Foundation NDIS service providers anytime and share your plan with us. We will explain to you how our support services work.