Right Registered NDIS Service Provider

How to Find Best NDIS Plan Manager & How Can They Help?

Once you apply for NDIS and get the approval, the next step is to find a plan manager to help you achieve your NDIS goals. A plan manager will help the NDIS participants in managing the financial and administrative aspects of their plan. Choosing the right plan managers can be confusing as it is normal to have many questions, such as what steps you have to take and how the plan managers will fulfill your requirements.

There are three ways to manage your NDIS funding- self-managed, plan-managed, and NDIA-managed. Many participants decide to hire plan managers to manage their NDIS plans. There are many plan management providers out there, but how do you navigate the market and choose the right plan managers?

This blog will discuss how the NDIS participants can find the right plan managers to help them manage their plan and achieve goals.

Before we begin discussing tips for choosing the right plan manager, we will first see how a plan manager can help the NDIS participants.

A plan manager helps the participants in the following

  • A plan manager helps in increasing your financial and plan management skills

  • Help you learn to self manage your plan

  • Keeps an eye on your NDIS budget reports

  • Increase your choice of providers

What are the qualities of a trusted NDIS plan manager?

Here are some of the qualities that make a plan manager right for you-

  • 1. The plan managers must be registered with the NDIS

    When you choose plan, you can select registered or unregistered service providers, but the service provider you choose to need to be registered with the NDIS. Only a registered NDIS provider can submit claims on your behalf using the online portal.

  • 2. Plan managers should provide financial expertise

    Your NDIS plan managers will be responsible for paying your service providers, and they will also advise you on where to spend your NDIS funding. You need to choose the plan managers that have the required skills for the job. You must look for a plan manager who is skilled enough to help you manage your NDIS funding so that you can achieve the best support outcomes from your budget.

  • 3. The plan managers should maintain transparency

    You should choose a plan manager that uses an plan management platform that you can log in. You should see all your transactions in real-time, and therefore, it’s essential to maintain transparency. You can also ask your NDID providers to provide up-to-date monthly overviews so that you can track your NDIS budgets.

  • 4. Ease of communication

    There should be efficient communication between the participants and the plan managers. The participants should feel relaxed that they have an NDIS expert by their side. Find out how the plan managers communicate with their clients while choosing them.

  • Find out their mode of communication, whether they use email, face-to-face meetings, or phone conversation. The communication must be easy to understand. Choose the right NDIS service providers who understand your needs and communicate with you properly.

  • 5. Plan managers should offer choice and control

    A good plan manager will give you the choice and control to make decisions that will benefit you and help you achieve your NDIS goals. A good plan manager will understand your needs and put your independence first. You should hire the plan managers who let you do things on your own and let you make decisions independently.

How can you connect with the plan managers in your area?

You can connect with the registered NDIS provider or plan managers via the following sources-

  • Your local area coordinator or support coordinator

  • Your friends or family

  • Online searches and websites

Plan management with Access Foundation

Access Foundation is a registered NDIS provider dedicated to providing plan management services to the NDIS participants who look forward to improving their lives with the funded supports provided by NDIS. Our friendly, professional plan management team will help you throughout your NDIS journey and help the participants achieve their goals.

Our NDIS plan managers will

  • Help the participants in understanding the funding and how they can make the most out of their plan

  • Help you claim funds from the NDIS

  • Help in keeping track of your NDIS funding

  • Provide regular budget reports so that you can get the best value for your plan

  • Always put you and your needs first

  • Manage financial reporting for your plan review and auditing

These were some of the NDIS plan management services that we offer. Our NDIS plan management team will take care of your financial and administrative tasks and help you achieve your goals.

Choose Access Foundation for your NDIS plan management and make the most out of your NDIS journey. Get in touch with us today .