What is an Individualised Living Option (ILO) in NDIS, and How it Works?

The NDIS offers individualized plans tailored to each participant's needs, goals, and circumstances. These plans are developed through a planning process involving the participant, their family or carers, and a representative from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

The plan outlines the support and funding the participants will receive to assist them in various aspects of their lives, such as daily living, community participation, education, employment, and more. One such plan out of many is the Individualised Living Option, renowned as ILO.

This blog post teaches about NDIS Individualised Living Option and its many forms.

What is an Individualised Living Option in NDIS?

Individualised Living Option (ILO) is NDIS-funded support designed to give complete choice and control to people with disabilities to live with their choices. Participants who choose this service are free to choose the mode and style of living. The ILO living model is more person-centric and focuses on the individual than the NDIS-supported independent living model.

NDIA added ILO to the price guide in June 2020!

How Does NDIS ILO Work?

ILO can work for any NDIS participant who has a plan and is eligible. However, you need an NDIS Planner with whom you can discuss your preferences and goals. Your planner will work alongside you to ensure your ILO support needs are met. Once your plan is ready, you can explore your Individualised Living Options.

The plan includes your house, apartment, or a house you are comfortable sharing with roommates, relatives, friends, or other communities. You can also choose the support level, from occasional assistance to 24-hour care.

Contact your NDIS plan management team to get support and guidance on whether and how it can be funded and included in your plan.

How to design your Individualised Living Option?

You can outline your living options via formal and informal support like family, friends, community, or networks. If you can showcase the formal support to the NDIS, it will provide the needed funding. But first, the organization will check whether the information support you have is sufficient or not.

Your NDIS plan will incorporate Individualised Living Option support through two stages:

  1. When finding a personalized living arrangement, it's up to you to determine your preferred location, required assistance, preferred roommates, and preferred support provider. The NDIS officials can help you explore and design the options that best meet your needs and desires.

  2. The implementation support from ILO will vary based on your living preferences and the assistance you need. You can request changes to your ILO supports as necessary. The main goal of these supports is to promote stability, safety, and flexibility for a more comfortable living experience.

The Individualised Living Options support does not cover the necessary assistance for a participant's activities outside their home, such as studying, working, or socializing in the community. However, the NDIS has provisions to include these supports in other parts of the plan if required.

What are the key supports included in ILO?

The Individualized Living Options (ILO) is a specific component of the NDIS that focuses on offering tailored support to individuals with disabilities to live independently in a housing arrangement of their choice.

Here are some key supports included in NDIS ILO:

  • Personal Care & Support

  • Home Modification & Management Support

  • Skill Development & Training for Your Caregivers

  • Decision-making assistant regarding your living arrangements and necessary support to meet your needs

  • On-call individual, independent living support/assistance

Un-covered Supports in the ILO Option

Our previous blog contains content regarding covered and uncovered support of NDIS plans in a participant's life. Here, we will inform you about the uncovered support in the ILO option. So here it goes:

  • Activities outside your home assistance, like school, work, playground, or community activities

  • Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

  • If necessary, you can ask/request a behavior support plan for you. This support can also be included as a separate category in your NDIS plan when required.

  • Rent or mortgage for your house

  • Daily costs like food, water, electricity, or internet bills

  • Home remodeling or modifications irrelevant to your disability

  • Payments for informal support

Who can Apply for NDIS Individualised Living Option (ILO)?

The NDIS Individualised Living Option (ILO) is designed for individuals with a major and permanent disability who require support with everyday living tasks. To be eligible for ILO, the following conditions generally apply:

Core benefits of Individualised Living Option (ILO)

The benefits and services provided under NDIS ILO can vary based on the individual's support plan, unique needs, and available funding. In contrast, here's a list of some general benefits that every NDIS participant entitled to who has enabled ILO in their disability plan:

Personalized Support

With ILO, individuals receive support tailored to their unique needs and goals. The support process involves understanding the person's requirements and designing a plan addressing their daily life challenges and aspirations.

Choice and Flexibility

ILO constitutes numerous living options, including independent living arrangements, shared living, and supported independent living (SIL). Participants can choose the housing and support arrangements that best align with their desires and circumstances.

Greater Independence

The primary goal of the NDIS ILO is to empower disabled individuals, helping them integrate greater control over their living arrangements. It allows them to make choices that suit their preferences, needs, and lifestyle, fostering a sense of independence and autonomy.

Access to Assistive Technology

If required, NDIS may provide funding for assistive technology and equipment in the ILO Plan. It will enable participants to access tools and devices that promote independence and improve their quality of life.

Community Inclusion

NDIS ILO aims to enhance community inclusion and participation for individuals with disabilities. They can actively engage in community activities and connect, fostering social relationships and reducing isolation.

What will you get in your Individualised Living Option (ILO)?

Individualised Living Options NDIS focuses on specific needs and keeps everything simple enough to ensure everything is clear. By enabling ILO in your NDIS plan, you will get the following:

  • A support circle – This option comprises a volunteer supporting participants to live more independently. They stand by the participants and support them with their daily living work.

  • Co-residency - Here, you will get helpers and primary caregivers who live with you for a minimal fee or discounted rate.

  • Living Together - This option allows two or more participants to live together or share support.

  • Host – The hosting option allows you to live with a friend or family unrelated to you. They are professionals and pledged to provide a welcoming and safe environment.

Final Words

NDIS Individualised Living Option is a planned disability support option that gives participants more freedom and opportunities to optimize their vision and meet their life goals. It is one of the best and most convenient options for those disabled individuals who wish to live independently.

Therefore, it is best to select a trustworthy ILO provider to ensure consistency and reliability in receiving support and recommendations.

If you have any questions regarding ILO or any other NDIS plan, please don't hesitate to contact our team at tel: 0862 439 569 or Email info@accessfoundation.com.au. We are available to address any inquiries you may have.