Disability Support Living Accommodation

Disability Support Living Accommodation Options Available In Your NDIS Plan!

A thoroughly planned and well-designed house in the right location can add enormous benefits in life. Independent living arrangements give you the freedom to improve your socialism amongst the nearby community and access multiple stores and markets, which is necessary to maintain a hassle-free and happy life.

For people with disabilities, having their desired accommodation is a sheer chance to turn their lives upside down. After all, owning a house and living freely with your will is the ultimate freedom that only a few disabled personalities can afford. A decade ago, getting an independent home would only exist as their dream.

But, now the time has changed, and there are multiple disabilities supported accommodation options available in the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) for eligible candidates.

Before diving straight into the disability supported accommodation options, let's define;

What is Supported Accommodation?

The support accommodation is one of many housing and living program provided and funded by NDIS for the people with disability who seek housing accommodation suitable to their needs. Here, participants can access housing by owning or renting, and the NDIS will bear the expense of owning and renting only to the eligible candidates.

Once the NDIS participants get access to their houses, they are responsible pay the cost of their day-to-day groceries, utilities, monthly rent, telephone bills, etc. They are also advised to buy or rent a bed, furniture, electric home appliances and cooking utensils as NDIS will not pay all the cost of such items. The NDIS has some limitations, and it only pays in critical circumstances.

But before you get access to your accommodation, you will be invited by the NDIS officials for a face to face discussion where they will check your eligibility first.

NDIS Supported Living Accommodation Meeting

The primary goal of your NDIS supported living accommodation meeting is to discuss your housing goal and find the most suitable way to use the funding.

In order to access the total funding, you need to demonstrate the perfectly executable accommodation plan to the NDIS officials.

Upon receiving your access decision letter from the NDIs officials, your initial meeting will occur. Then, regular meetups and discussions will take place to observe your plan and track your progress.

You can request a pre-planning session with an accommodation specialist to help you prepare for better results.

Your accommodation specialist can help you craft the best disability supported accommodation planning, ensuring the correct funding is in place to fulfil your independent housing dream.

Get The Right NDIS Disability Supported Accommodation For You!

There are several types of disability accommodation available and funded by the NDIS. It's up to you and your requirements that will testify to your choice and lifestyle.

Ultimately there are four major categories of supported living accommodation: Respite (Short, Medium, Long Term), Individual Living Options (ILO), Supported Independent Living (SIL) and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA).

Respite (Short, Medium, Long Term)

Once in a while, a break becomes necessary to restore calm and peace of mind from the everyday hustle. In contrast, Respite is one such accommodation service that allows you to take a break from your routine and enjoy being yourself the most. Depending on your mood and requirements, it can be a few hours, a few days, or several months. Access Foundation has many affordable houses in the Perth metro area, which you can access through NDIS funding.

Individual Living Options (ILO)

Individual Living Option or ILO is for those who are more independent and likes to spend their life on medium support. There are many different individual living options available, such as;

  • Host Arrangement - This option allows you to live with a companion not related to you but supports you with your daily routine in exchange for a salary from the NDIS.

  • Co-residency - This living option involves hiring a supporter who will live with you in your house and take care of your work and daily routine in return for payment.

  • Living Together - In this living arrangement, you will have to live with one or more people, with or without disability. NDIS won't cover any payment here as you have to share and bare the expenses amongst yourselves.

  • Living Alone - As the name suggests, you will live alone in your home with some support from NDIS based on requirements.

To get the sheer benefits of individual living options, you need to submit a funding proposal to the NDIS and evidence of your need for final approval.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

The supported independent living is for those seeking formal support and accommodation. It's a paid personal support you can get in your home with your daily tasks such as meal preparation, house cleaning and personal care. But, it can only apply to people above 18. similar to individual living options, you need to make a separate request with proper evidence to the NDIS officials for funding regarding supported independent living.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

The specialist disability accommodation is an NDIS funded accommodation for people who require high-level housing and support and modification to live an independent life.

NDIS under specialist disability accommodation (SDA) only covers the essential modification and support needs, not the rent of the house.

You will have to acquire ILO and SILalog with SDA for additional support based on your requirements.

Disability Supported Accommodation Process

So far, you must have gathered essential information about the four different types of supported living accommodation and made up your mind to pick the one that best suits your needs. In that case, enrich your accommodation specialist to take the proposal to the NDIS officials for further proceedings.

Once the officials verify your request, they will conduct meetings with potential housemates to discuss your application briefly.

Once you find your suitable accommodation and companion, you will be asked to apply for your ILO or SIL funding if required.

The overall process could take 3 to 9 months, depending on the house availability in Perth.

Find The Perfect House For Your Accommodation

Once you get the approval of your NDIS accommodation funding, you can enrich Access Foundation - Registered Accommodation Service Provider Perth for transparent house searching and moving assistance. We have partnered with many tenants and house owners who have helped us provide top-notch accommodation services to the needy without any hassle.

You will find the perfect house for your accommodation with our sheer aid. You can contact and hire our accommodation specialist to help you throughout the process, step-by-step and make the most of your NDIS accommodation funding plans.