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What Types of Therapy are Covered by NDIS?

Human physical deficiencies are inevitable. While some deficiency becomes incurable and stays with life until the end, few can be healed with proper guidance and care. Over the years, especially in Australia, there has been a significant rise in therapy services such as Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Speech Therapy.

These are some common physical dilemmas that most people are suffering nowadays, irrespective of their age.

However, the good news is that many organizations like NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) have come forward to support those people by providing funding to advanced therapy sessions.

People seeking support from any of the above now can enroll into NDIS Official Websites and get the best professional assistance precisely.

NDIS Therapy Service Offerings

Out of many, NDIS currently has four primary therapy services inline. Aligned with the latest technology and advanced equipment, you will get assisted by decades of experienced therapists who ensure seamless therapy sessions that heal the patients far better than traditional therapies.

The Four Major Therapy Services

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physiotherapy

  • Speech Therapy

  • Exercise Physiologist

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy primarily helps improve mental health, pain management, rehabilitation, pediatrics, and driving assessment. It's a client-centered health profession that enables you to overcome the above areas obstacles in the best and professional ways.

Fortunately, NDIS has the Best Team of Occupational Therapists who ensure a smooth process and give you the required freedom and confidence to improve your efficiency in those areas without any hassle.

The Four Major Therapy Services

  • Skill development

  • Minor & Complex home modifications

  • Functional Capacity Assessment

  • Supported Independent Living (SIL) Assessment

  • Equipment Prescriptions/AT

  • Driving Assessment


Physiotherapy involves healing illness, injury, and disability through physical movements or exercise, education, manual therapies, and suggestion or advice. In contrast, to prevent the disease, NDIS Physiotherapists prepare a daily routine of different sessions where they help those patients perform small yet essential tasks on their own to gain confidence.

Physiotherapy assessment surge around

  • Injury recovery and pain management services

  • Prescriptions of mobility aids and equipment

  • Required exercise and functional rehabilitation program

  • Mobility Assessment

Speech Therapy

If you are having trouble swallowing, talking, and communicating or find it difficult to understand languages and words, you are in desperate need of Speech Therapy. Fortunately, NDIS has Experienced Speech Therapists who offer a wide range of speech therapy, irrespective of gender and age.

Upon conducting speech therapy sessions, they collaboratively deliver evidence-based NDIS speech therapy that improves patients' voice cord and help them achieve their speech therapy goal.

Some key benefits of NDIS speech therapy

  • Communication

  • Speech

  • Language

  • Voice

  • Literacy

  • Social Skills

  • Fluency

  • Swallowing

Exercise Physiocologist

The name itself is a clear indication of this therapy’s' offering. Here, you will get the best assessment from our NDIS Exercise Physiologists, who ensure an appropriate fitness regime aligned with the best exercise methods. Considering your physical requirement, our exercise physiologists imply an evidence-based approach to delivering the best fitness goal comprehensively.

Exercise physiologist assessment involves

  • Neurological conditions

  • Cancer

  • Kidney disease

  • Respiratory conditions

  • Comprehensive physical screening

  • Evidenced-based exercise rehabilitation

  • Group fitness classes

Additional Therapy

Apart from the above four, NDIS offers funds on Art Therapy (Active art-making, creativity thinking), Music Therapy (To help you develop your music knowledge, including rhythm, instrument sound), and Sex Therapy (Sexual Education, Family Planning) accordingly.

Does NDIS Cover These Therapies?

Yes, NDIS covers all these therapies and provides the required funding. But to use the NDIS funding for any specific therapy, you must show appropriate reasons aligned with relevant documents.

Once your reason and documents get a green signal from the officials, you may have Access to NDIS Funding on your required therapy.

NDIS Therapy Funding Procedure

The NDIS funding comes in three categories, and all these categories come with specific price limitations which NDIS can fund.

Improved Daily Living - As the name suggests, daily living covers all therapy that can ''improve your daily living skills,'' from speech to occupational therapy.

Improved Health & Wellbeing - This category covers your funding related to your physical efficiency, health, or wellbeing; everything comes under the Exercise Physiologist therapy category!

Improved Relationships - This category includes psychologists and behavioral therapists. It brings positive changes in your behavior and helps you socialize better.

Find The Right NDIS Registered Therapist

So far, you surely have gathered sheer and valuable information on NDIS, its therapy offerings, and how you can get access to NDIS funding that will cover all your therapy needs. However, it's not a complex process and all you need to follow and pay close attention to the term and service page before applying.

Apart from that, it would be great if you somehow managed to get in touch with any local coordinator or service provider, such as Access Foundation, to guide you comprehensively in the best ways possible.