how can you develop your first ndis plan

How can you develop your first NDIS plan?

Once you get accepted for an NDIS plan, a planning meeting will be organized you an NDIS representative to discuss your plan. Your first plan will provide you the funding that you can use as you choose. An NDIS meeting is an important part of your NDIS journey, so it’s important to prepare well for your plan meeting.

Are you thinking about your upcoming NDIS meeting? Do you want to make sure that you are completely prepared? Don’t worry, we have got you covered!

Here are the steps involved in developing your first NDIS plan-

A planning meeting is organized

When you become eligible for the NDIS plan, you will be contacted by the NDIS planning meeting will be held between you and NDIS representative. Most of the times, that will be a local area coordinator.

What to do next?

The next step is to prepare yourself for your NDIS planning conversation. You have to be prepared for this one. Start pre-planning today by asking yourself these important questions-

  • 1. what’s important to you?

    Your NDIS plan is about you so you have to be sure about what is important to you and what you value the most. You must share your experiences and interests with your planner to create a plan that’s right for you.

  • 2. What are your support needs?

    In your planning meeting, they will ask you about your everyday activities. This helps your planner to understand your abilities and what help and support you require to take care of yourself in everyday life.

  • 3. What are your goals?

    The next thing is to think about the goals you want to set for your NDIS plan. Goals are basically those things that you want to achieve with your NDIS funding. You should focus on what you need in the present as well as in the future. You might need your goals for the following-

    • Learning and education

    • Finding a job

    • For better health

    • For improving social relationships

    • To live an independent life

    • To make new friends

Managing your plan

The next step is to manage your plan. You will need to specify how you will manage your NDIS plan. You can choose anyone among the following-

  • Self-management

    In this, you or nominee will manage the NDIS plan. All the activities such as paying invoices and keeping track of your funding will be done by you.

  • Plan management

    This is done by a registered plan management provider .They ensure to take care of your funding and ensure you maintain the control and choice over your plan.

  • Agency management

    With the National disability insurance agency, you can only access NDIS registered service providers.

Once your NDIS plan is approved, you will then work with someone to implement the plan and put it into action. You can do this through a local area coordinator. a support coordinator or anyone else who will help you with the funded support. If you want to hire NDIS support providers for your first NDIS plan, get in touch with Access Foundation.

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