Benefits Of NDIS Telehealth Service

Why Should You Prioritize Telehealth Above All In Your NDIS Plan?

Since the beginning, we have made it clear that we will adopt all possible solutions and adhere to every technological advancement to make people with disability lives better in all imaginable ways.

Offline or face-to-face healthcare services will always remain the primary norm amongst people. People's perceptions and psychological dilemmas will always hesitate to accept that many small healthcare services don't need physical appearance. It will gradually improve, and people will check that Telehealth is more efficient and adds equal benefits to their lives.

Well, it's not that Telehealth will be the new norm of healthcare checkouts. But, all we are saying is that it has the same potential and capabilities that could offer hassle-free and more convenient or equal health benefits as face-to-face service. Especially for people with disabilities! Those who depend highly on someone else for their medication or medical appointments will surely get decent support and reasonable assistance without worrying about travelling and visits.

Even the recent survey conducted by The University of Melbourne (in collaboration with the National Disability Insurance Agency) has stated that 63% of 2391 participants are happy with transferring their NDIS funded allied service to NDIS Telehealth Service. And They are pleased by the telehealth service offerings.

Benefits of NDIS Telehealth Service

Where every other sector integrates the latest device and technology to deliver robust solutions to their respective customers, how come healthcare is left out of the race. Also, using technology to provide seamless health care solutions has come with several advantages such as cost-effectiveness, mobility solutions, flexibility, time-saving, multiple options to choose from, and many more.

The primary benefits of NDIS Telehealth service are as follows:

  • Cost-effective - When you enrol in telehealth service, you automatically save your travelling cost as you have access to your home or office with your devices at your convenience.

  • Flexibility - With the telehealth service, you're the decision-maker, and you have all the freedom to schedule your appointments accordingly.

  • Anytime Accessibility - You can take your doctor or nurse support and assistance any time of the day through virtual meet-ups over your desktop, tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

  • Quick Information Sharing - Sharing information such as your weight, diagnosis, medications, food intake, and test results (Blood, Suger, etc.) can be done in a quick session without much hassle.

  • Recording Options - Upon using your electronic devices during the telehealth sessions, you can record your meetings with your doctor for further requirements.

  • Gamil or Text reminders - It is one such benefit of Telehealth service that sets it apart from all other services. Unlike many, you get regular updates and core reminders regarding your routine checkups and consultation through mail and text.

  • Non-stop Service During Pandemic - One of the prime reasons behind the emergence of telehealth service in the past couple of years is the non-stop service it provides to people during the Covid-19 pandemic. As Telehealth refers to virtual, remote, and delivering medical assistance, the pandemic has zero effect on its offerings and deliverables to the needy.

NDIS Funding Criteria Regarding Telehealth Service

Telehealth service comes under the NDIS funding and is open for every individual to benefit from it. The NDIS Price Guide contains the same hourly rate where there is no travelling involved. The cost that it saves on travelling is used wisely to maximize the telehealth service to those in desperate need of it.

Additionally, NDIS telehealth service providers only charge for the shortened time spent on each telehealth service. For example, when a telehealth session surpasses 30min, 45min, or 50 min, it comes under the hourly category, and the officials calculate the rate accordingly.

Access Foundation Telehealth Service Procedures

Access Foundation is a registered NDIS provider determined to provide cutting-edge telehealth servicesto those individuals who find it challenging to get proper medical attention. Ensuring top-notch priority to their potential clients' credentials, we asked them to use software like MS Team and Z while enrolling in our Telehealth service.

Once you register yourself in the portal, you will get an invitation attachment link in your registered email box, which you need to click. Upon clicking, you will be directed towards a virtual room where you will get to choose from many telehealth therapy sessions and consultants as per your need.

Note - You will properly get assisted by our instructors and support team. They will help you in the smooth conjunction of your telehealth service.

The NDIS services you can access via Telehealth are:

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Exercise Therapy

  • Speech Pathology

  • Physiotherapy

Final Words

Telehealth service has the potential to become the leading healthcare service solution in upcoming years. It's easy to access, convenient to use, and most importantly, it takes that advancement to fulfil all healthcare requirements. If you want to benefit from it and learn more about NDIS funding regarding Telehealth services!