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NDIS Hydrotherapy - Core Meaning and Proven Benefits of Hydrotherapy Treatment Explained in Detail!

Hydrotherapy is not a new but the oldest form of treatment that has been around since ancient times. The prime usage of Hydrotherapy is to improve, restore and regain muscle strength of disabled people or those who have cerebral palsy.

There has been much evidence of multiple Hydrotherapy treatments found in ancient books. But with the advancement of technology and equipment, physiotherapists have found new ways to change Hydrotherapy treatment procedures completely.

In this blog, we will help you learn a great deal about Hydrotherapy treatment, its procedure, and its proven benefits.

So, What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy, aka aquatic physiotherapy, is a treatment that involves water exercise. Physiotherapists or exercise physiologists use a pool to conduct rehabilitation sessions.

Gradually, the water in the pool set to a warm temperature of around 32-34 degrees, warmer than the regular swimming pool temperature. You can get treated individually or join groups to perform the Hydrotherapy treatment tasks. All depend on your health condition and requirement,

Hydrotherapy is an excellent method for disabled people or cerebral palsy affected and those who suffer from major injuries. The main goal of the Hydrotherapy pool session and different exercise methods is to increase your circulation and mobility.

It relaxes your muscles and decreases swelling. Also, help with muscle spasms, and reduce or remove pain, including arthritis pain.

How Does Hydrotherapy Work?

Most of the Hydrotherapy exercises involve swimming pool activities tailored to your individual needs and tend to be slower and softer than regular swimming. As the water is natatorial and reduces the effect of gravity, there is less stress on your muscles and joints.

You can perform movements that you are unable to do on land or find too painful. It allows you to do exercises that increase your core muscle strength, mobility, flexibility, and overall body fitness.

The warmness in the water helps the human body immersed well and leads to muscle relaxation. This procedure opens up the vital cords of the muscle, making it more stretchable.

The fear of water or swimming won't be an obstacle for you as the Physiotherapists or exercise physiologists will be there assisting you to improve your performance with proper guidance and care.

The Hydrotherapy treatment comes with no age barrier as people of any age and gender who have a disability, or any major injuries can regain muscle strength and flexibility of their muscle at their convenience.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy Treatment

Hydrotherapy offers a host of benefits for people of all disabilities, ages, gender, and fitness levels. Some of the key benefits are:

Pain Management

As Hydrotherapy or water therapy surge around the usage of warm water, it significantly lowers the impact on joints and allows your muscles to relax. People with chronic musculoskeletal system diseases and connective tissues get shy of relief from high back and neck pain.

Pre and Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Before you undergo any major surgery, especially in the joint or heap section, you can take a Hydrotherapy assessment to prepare better. And after your post-surgery, it will help you regain your muscle strength and mobility in the best ways possible.

Improves Muscle Strength and Elasticity

Due to the supportive environment of the water, your muscle tissue expands, which later allows you to stretch more efficiently and with less pain. Inside the pool, you can restore your overall muscle strength by pushing your arms and legs against the water. It significantly improves your fitness level.

Improves Your Body Circulation

When you start practicing Hydrotherapy in the warm water regularly, your jammed body vessels and swelling areas open up, and your overall body circulation gets backs to normalcy.

Improves Mental Health

Water-based activities work as a booster for many. When you get involved in Hydrotherapy activities and start enjoying them, you will automatically feel relaxed, and the stress level will drop down quickly.

NDIS Hydrotherapy

Apart from the above, there are numerous benefits that you can add to your life by adopting Hydrotherapy treatment. Along with restoring your muscle strength and mobility, it will enhance your personality.

When you start your Hydrotherapy session with a group, you will automatically gain inner confidence by regularly interacting with them. Your communication and body language will take a proactive turn, which is good in any way.

If you are amongst those seriously injured, living with a disability, unable to project funds for your Hydrotherapy sessions, then you can take NDIS support immediately. NDIS, or National Disability Insurance Scheme, comes under the Australian govt scheme, where they provide the necessary funds to disabled people to access better treatment.

To discover more about NDIS Hydrotherapy funding and how you can access them, visit Access Foundation for a FREE consultation.

NDIS Hydrotherapy Service Provider

Australia is a vast country filled with numerous NDIS Hydrotherapy service providers. But, when it comes to therapy transparency and reliability, no one can come close to Access Foundation - A Registered NDIS Hydrotherapy Service Provider. Access Foundation, our Physiotherapist will ensure your Hydrotherapy program will cover all your needs to maximize these benefits.

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