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Know Your Disability Support Worker - What to Expect & The Role They Play to Make Your Life Better!

The roles and responsibilities of a disability support worker are hard to define, and it depends upon many criteria as they are bound with another person's daily life responsibilities along with theirs. How well they perform those daily activities without getting frustrated and how well they make a shear bond with those individuals will lay the foundation of "what to expect from your disability support worker"?

Being kind and supportive are the two strong pillars of any human connection. As disability support workers, they are expected to take these two terms to make disabled people's lives better in the best ways possible. Not only physically but also mentally, which is more important for people with disabilities.

People with disabilities are sensible, but they hate unnecessary sympathy. The only thing they attract to is kind words and supportive manners without offending their sentiments.

Many organizations like Access Foundation - a registered disability service provider- have grown the best disability support worker team and are ready to assist people with disabilities with basic everyday activities. With professional training, the team is well versed with their role of disability support workers, which are listed below:

The Role of a Disability Support Worker:

Professional disability support workers are well aware of their roles and responsibilities towards disabled people. Their main job is to provide you with assistance over your daily activities and help you live a happy and independent life.

Your essential daily task that you will get assisted by your disability support workers are:

  • Assisting you in your personal care involves showering, dressing, eating, taking medicine, etc.

  • Helping you over in-home daily activities like preparing meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), dishwashing, cloth washing, ironing, house cleaning.

  • Facilitating therapies like practicing yoga and exercise.

  • Take you for shopping, to libraries, cafeterias, cinemas, medical appointments.

  • Helping you develop your communication skills by taking you to society meetings and social gatherings.

  • Taking you to park in the morning or evening to improve your social activities.

  • Providing emotional and friendship support to help you feel better.

The above core points are the primary highlights of the role of a disability support worker. The disability support workers from Access Foundations are well aware of NDIS terms and conditions and vouch to offer intuitive support to disabled people in great need.

While recruiting such people who can be a good fit for the above responsibilities, we run a thorough check-in into their behavioral and other qualities details which are as follows:

Top Qualities to Consider of a Disability Support Worker:

  • Utmost priority to professionalism.

  • Relevant Skills and experience for better job deliverables

  • Excellent listening and communication skills

  • Ability to be patient and show perseverance

  • Capabilities to handle pressure and tough time

  • Job understandability

  • Relationship building skills

These are the basic instinct that helps individuals rise to the disability support worker standard. Being a registered provider, we take pride in having such individuals; who have upgraded themselves into such positions, providing high-quality assistance to disabled people, making their lives better.

The NDIS Code of Conduct to Follow for Disability Support Workers:

The disability support workers and their respective organizations are advised to strictly follow the NDIS code of conduct below while offering their services and support to disabled personalities.

  • Right to privacy - One should prioritize and respect the disabled person's privacy.

  • Bring transparency in your support - Let the people who hired you know about each detail of your service.

  • Give respect to their freedom of speech and expression.

  • Show them the respect they deserve and talk calmly, composed, and kind nature.

  • Take necessary steps to prevent sexual harassment and violence against them. You must protect them at any cost!

  • Take measurable steps to turn their disability into their strength and help them achieve their goal.

The above code of conduct is applicable to both unregistered and registered NDIS service providers. The sole purpose behind the above code of conduct is to create a reliable, secure, and supportive environment for disabled individuals to make them feel safe and express their interests without any hesitation.

Access Foundation - A Registered Disability Service Provider

In Australia, Access Foundation offers extensive disability services and support to disabled people looking for a shoulder to make their lives worth living. We have a core team of disability support workers, provided with a wide range of training to deliver disability support excellence to those in need.

Our disabled support workers are well versed in all functionalities and the NDIS code of conduct. They have relevant expertise in relationship management to make disabled people understand that they are not liabilities to anyone but an asset to those who believe in themselves.

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