navigate ndis price guide and pricing

How to navigate NDIS Price Guide and Pricing?

NDIS price guide is the NDIS rule book which is released annually. NDIS price guide basically provides an overview of how the participants should use the funding provided to them and how the service providers charge for their services.

The price guide is a little difficult to understand because of its complex language and length. To make it easy for you, we are going to explain to you how you can navigate the price guide of NDIS without much difficulty.

To understand it clearly, let us first begin by discussing what a price guide is.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) released a new price guide on July 1 every year. The price guide is like a rule book of NDIS that outlines pricing arrangements for various supports like how providers should charge their price, any price caps that apply, or if a quote is required or not. It also includes the NDIS rules and regulations for the whole year.

The service providers mostly use the price guide but the NDIS participants can also use it to look for the supports and to get an idea of how to spend their funding and handle their budgets.

How to use the Price Guide?

The price guide contains information on many different kinds of supports written in complex language and descriptions. It often becomes difficult to understand for the NDIS service providers as well as participants. To make it easier to understand for all, we have created Price guide navigator,which is an interactive version of the NDIS price guide. It lets you browse the support categories or search for a particular service or NDIS code to know about its pricing.

The price guide makes you familiar with how the NDIS supports work. IT helps you to understand the following-

  • 1. Support purpose

All the NDIS supports fall into one of the three purposes, which are core, capital and capacity building. Core supports are the basic requirements of people with disability. Capital supports are significant. One-off purchases and capacity building supports help participants become independent.

  • 2. Support Categories

Each support purpose is divided into support categories for which the NDIS participants receive funding in their NDIS plan. The core support budgets can be used flexibly, whereas capital and capacity support budgets can only be used for that particular support category. There are 15 supports categories in total. 

  • 3. Line item

Every service under NDIS has a line item attached to it. This line item is generally the code that tells the NDIS about the support budgets from which the services should be paid to the participants. There are more than 800 line items, and they have complicated names. The price guide navigator helps the participants to navigate the NDIS price guide and understand the line items they need easily.

Why is the price guide important?

Understanding the NDIS price guide is important to understand the NDIS supports and other rules and regulations but since it’s written in a complex language, navigating the NDIS price guide becomes important. To understand the NDIS plan management, you have to navigate the NDIS price guide.  The NDIS updates the price guide once every year to make any changes to the market of values of the services and supports included in the price guide. Any changes made in the price guide will be reflected in the yearly update.

Need any help with the price guide?

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