Coronavirus and People with Disability

How The Coronavirus Outbreak Affects The Lives Of People With Disabilities?

The recent Coronavirus outbreak has left the world in a panic. WHO has already said that the coronavirus outbreak is an epidemic now and hence, affected many countries worldwide. Countries across the globe are taking corrective steps to control the outbreak and protect their citizens from this deadly virus. Many countries are under complete lockdown these days. This had made people’s lives very challenging, but one group of people that faces additional risks and consequences are people with disabilities or chronic illness.

Here are a few points to keep in mind how the coronavirus outbreak has affected the lives of people with disabilities. Let us begin!

1. The people who are at higher risks during such times are people with disabilities

Although coronavirus has affected everyone in the world, people with disabilities are even at higher risks from Coronavirus (covid-19). Many people with disability have specific disabilities and conditions that make the illness even more dangerous for them. Many reports say that coronavirus isn’t even that dangerous because it will mainly hurt people with “high risk” and people with disability are at high risk under such circumstances.

At the time of quarantine or lockdown, People with disability will suffer as they will not get the support they require to live their daily life and therefore, they will be the one who will suffer more than anyone else.

2. It is difficult for people with disability to take steps to protect themselves from the coronavirus outbreak

Many people with disability can’t isolate themselves like other people because they need regular help from other people for their everyday needs. It is difficult for such people to shop on their own and they have to rely on someone else. In such situations, it becomes difficult for them to protect themselves all on their own. Cleaning their house and washing their hands so many times can also be difficult for people with disability and therefore, health risks for such people increases.

People with disability also fear that they will not get the supplies of medicines that they need under such circumstances. This way, under a situation of lockdown, these people are at higher risks than others.

3. Coronavirus outbreak also threatens disabled people’s independence

Some people with disability require regular support and help from others to maintain their independence. In such a time when everyone is living in isolation, people with disability might not get the support they need. The outbreak of such diseases disrupts the support services that people with disability require.

It is important to know that Disability Support Services suffer a lot during virus outbreak and under the situation of lockdown and therefore, affects the lives of people with disability as well.

4. Be aware of the specific risks and obstacles faced by people with disability during coronavirus outbreak

Everyone needs to be aware of the risks that people have during such times. Looking at the factors outlined here and taking into consideration the risks that people with disability might face, it’s not unreasonable for them to be concerned. If you know any person with a disability or care for them, talk with them about the risks so that they can be prepared. You also need to be extra careful with your precautions because this is not something to take lightly.

Precaution is better than cure and therefore, it is advisable to take all the necessary precautions and educate people with a disability that you know about the same.

We are in this together, stay safe!

We know as long as the world is fighting with this coronavirus outbreak, the people with disability need to be extra careful about their health. We urge everyone to stay safe during this coronavirus outbreak. People with disability have special needs and therefore, have to be extra cautious during this quarantine.

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We hope all of you stay safe and healthy. Let us all fight together and contribute to bringing our lives back to normal.