Definitive Guide Of NDIS Transport Services

Transport Assistance Guide For NDIS Participants To Access Daily Activities

Transport is a part of all our lives that help us access many places to perform our daily routine. Whether by bus, train, cab, personal car, cycle or any other medium, daily transportation gives us the freedom to meet people, run our business and explore new places that add value to our lives.

Especially in disabled people's lives! For people who are incapable of travelling by themselves, hassle-free transportation is nothing but a blessing for them. And if you are an NDIS participant, it is essential for you to be aware of the NDIS transport assistance options that you can access in times of need.

But, before jumping straight into NDIS transport assistance options, let's have a clear view on

What is Transport Assistance?

Transport Assistance is a comprehensive transportation service specially designed for NDIS participants to provide them with the necessary transport support to ease their travelling requirements.

For smooth travelling, the sheer medium of transportation is broad but limited to taxis, vans, buses and specialized vehicles, typically designed to get along with wheelchairs.

If you want to take transport assistance from NDIS, you need to know that several sorts of transport assistance are available for you to choose and use. And all those transport assistance come under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) fund support arrangements.

Types of Transport Assistance for NDIS Support

In general, the NDIS covers four major transport assistance for NDIS participants.

Private Transport Assistance

This is self-proclaimed transport assistance that you can get from the NDIS. Here, you can call a taxi, uber or specially designed customized vehicle to pick you up from your mentioned location and drops you at your destination. All individually, you don't have to share your ride with any other participants.

Moreover, you can do your shopping, visit your doctor or attend any party at your convenience.

Community Transport Assistance

By the name itself, you have to get a hint of the kind of transport assistance it would be. Here, rather than travelling alone, you were asked to join a group of NDIS participants and travel alongside them.

Generally, such transport involves a bus or van with a wheelchair accessible to bring the comforts of the journey. The bus or van will stop at several destinations, ensuring all participants safe pick up and drop off.

Shared Transport Assistance

Shared transport assistance happens when you enrich NDIS for your travel requirements and ask them to collaborate with participants with the same destination.

Upon finding such NDIS participants, the officials will make the necessary vehicle arrangements and connect you with your travelling partner. Depending on the numbers, they can provide you with a taxi, uber or minivan accordingly.

Public Transport Assistance

Public transport refers to the travelling done by train and bus. The NDIS supports and funds public transport assistance only when you use public transport with the support of NDIS transport assistance. You can take your supporter all along during the travel on train and bus for a hassle-free journey.

Custom Designed Specialized Vehicles

The NDIS does come with a provision where they can modify and customize a vehicle as per your preference. The NDIS might not pay for the total cost of the vehicle but only for the modification. After modification;

  • You can easily come in and out of the vehicle with or without a wheelchair

  • Bring your wheelchair along with you and lifted in or on of the vehicle by the NDIS support assistance

  • Get help with safe transportation whilst seated in your wheelchair

  • Drive the vehicle with technical controls or other adaptions.

But, you need to note that the NDIS won't cover the entire cost and first check whether a suitable alternative is available or not. If available, they won't bear the price, and if not, they only tend to pay for the modification of the vehicle.

Access Foundation is Your Destination To Get Help with Transport Assistance:

Transport assistance is the smartest choice for those who choose to do their work by themselves but need only a little help to move around comfortably without any hassle. If you need transport assistance to get your job done, get in touch with NDIS officials. Call your plan manager immediately and ask them to get details onboard for you.

However, you can enrich Access Foundation for more support and assistance on the NDIS transport assistance service. You can hire our experienced plan managers to talk and plan your transportation need.

We are a renowned NDIS transport assistance service provider that has helped many disabled people get the proper transport assistance support and funding from the NDIS. For more guidance and information, get in touch with us now!