NDIS Review

NDIS Review: How does NDIS help people with disability in accessing support?

NDIS has been helping people with disabilities since its establishment in 2013. It has made people confident and independent in their lives to the extent that their disability doesn’t become a hurdle in their life.

The NDIS scheme aims to provide financial support to more than 200,000 Australians with a disability and their families over the next five years. People with disabilities have high hopes from NDIS since NDIS has helped many people till now.

The NDIS help comprises of the following three

  • The provision of services or activities like coordination, strategic or referral services or activities

  • Funding to the NDIS participants to assist them in participating in social life

  • Fulfilling the plans of the participants through the funding provided by NDIS

You can find the nearest NDIS support service provider to help you with your NDIS goals. Once you become eligible for NDIS supports, you will be able to achieve your goals with funding.

The NDIS also provides supports to the family and caregivers of the NDIS participants to help the participants strengthen their support system and connect with the community more freely and independently.

The NDIS provides funding for people with disabilities and makes them confident about living a happy and dignified life. As everyone’s disability is different, so are the NDIS supports provided by this scheme to help them achieve the goals.

Now, let’s look at what services NDIS provides and how it helps people with disability in accessing the funding to achieve their goals.

  • 1. Information and support

    Having easy access to information is an easy first step for many people with disabilities. NDIS will provide easy access to effective support options and referral to the relevant support services.

    It also helps build individual capacities such as diagnosis advice, links to the support coordinator, initiatives and social programs.

    There are several providers and planners approved by NDIS that provide services to benefit those registered with the NDIS.

  • 2. Individualized plans and support to achieve the goals

    NDIS is a goal-based program, and every participant’s goals will be unique. There are so many NDIS participants in the program, so how does NDIS fulfil everyone’s goals? They do it through individualized plans and supports.

    NDIS service provides access to NDIS funding to plan the participant’s goals, access programs or services to help them achieve the goals and manage individual plans. NDIS also supports families of people with disability so that they can also help them achieve their NDIS goals.

  • 3. Funded Support

    The participants may be eligible for funded supports depending on the goals of their plan. This involves choosing the support providers for on-going support programs, mobility equipment, housing support or disability care services.

    These services provide a comfortable life to NDIS participants by making it easier for them to live their daily life and perform tasks smoothly. This also involves choosing support providers for on-going support programs, such as buying a wheelchair.

    Starting early would be helpful because the person would be used to it and will be able to take advantage of the supports easily.

  • 4. Assistive Technology

    NDIS also provide assistive technology support to those participants who are eligible for NDIS assistive technology supports. Assistive technology involves any device or system that helps people with disabilities to perform tasks that they might rather be unable to do.

    Assistive technology increases the safety of the tasks. The assistive technology devices may include mobility canes, wheelchairs, hearing aids and red rails.

  • 5. Housing Facility

    NDIS also provides affordable and stable housing facilities to help the NDIS participants live a comfortable and secure life.

    The state Governments handle the housing facility, and NDIS helps to provide the participants housing facilities through the on-going support for daily living, which includes housing costs or setting up a new house shared by NDIS participants 24/7 support.

    This housing facility is quite helpful for those participants who require support to perform their everyday tasks and face difficulty in doing them by themselves.

  • 6. Support to Access Community Services and Activities

    NDIS community services help bring out confidence in people with disability and help them connect with society.

    Like anyone else, people with disability also want to be feeling welcomed and included, and NDIS provides support to the participants to interact with others and create social relationships.

    These activities also bring new hobbies and skills to them that would keep them busy and entertained.

Looking at the NDIS review, services and supports mentioned above, we can say that NDIS is a boon for people with disability living in Australia. There are several benefits of NDIS that are quite helpful for people having a temporary or permanent disability.

People with disability need to approach the registered NDIS providers for NDIS funding and other supports to help them achieve the goals and live their life fully without any hindrance.


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