Difference Between Plan Management and Support Coordination

What is the difference between Plan Management and Support Coordination?

NDIS plan management and NDIS support coordination are both the services that help people to put their NDIS plan into action. Both of these services help people with a disability differently

Both of these services are not one and the same. People often mistake these two services as one, but they are not. Many people are not clear about what each of these services does or don’t do.

To understand both of these services clearly, we will start with basics to understand the key points of differences between both of these services

What is Plan Management?

Plan management is one of the options you can use manage your NDIS funding. In simple words, plan management takes care of the financial administration of your NDIS funding. A plan manager helps you with things like getting your providers’ invoices paid, providing you with a monthly statement that tracks how much of the budget you have spent and how much is remaining.

Plan managers are like your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) accountant who manages your NDIS plan and takes care of your budget. Plan management is available for all the NDIS participants with a disability.

The NDIS funds the plan management service and it gives you access to several features like-

  • Give access to NDIS-registered and non-registered service providers

  • Track your supports and funding budgets

  • Claims funds through the NDIS portal

  • Help you manage financial reporting for your NDIS plan

What is Support Coordination?

NDIS Support coordination is a service which helps you process your plan by finding and connecting with service providers who are the best fit for your needs.

Although unlike plan managers, support coordinators do not help you to manage your NDIS plan funding and financial aspects.

Support coordination functions within the NDIS to help you implement all other supports needed. Whether you are self-managed, plan managed, or a combination of both, you can access a support coordinator if it is considered “reasonable and necessary” by NDIS.

A support coordination partner will help you with the following-

  • Work with you and help you to understand the details of your NDIS plans

  • help you connect with the right service providers

  • guide you throughout the NDIS journey

  • Help you prepare for the review meeting of your plan

How does NDIS provide funding for plan management and support coordination?

NDIS funds both plan management and support coordination but there is one major difference between both the plans.

An NDIS plan management service is accessible to everyone. Everyone is eligible to get access to plan management services. There are no conditions in the NDIS act for funding the NDIS plan management, and your NDIS planner must give you the funding.

On the other hand, talking about NDIS support coordination, it is not accessible to everyone. The NDIS each case individually and will provide funding only after making sure that the participants don’t have an informal network of friends such as friends and family that can perform some of the tasks of a support coordinator. Only when they think you are eligible for support coordination services, they will provide you with funding for it.

You can receive the funding for both plan management, and support coordination can be with a single plan. This funding will always be there on the top of the other services you receive in your NDIS plan.

Want to know more? Come and talk with us.

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